Limited Time Promotion- Rejuvenation Postnatal Package (9 sessions Bundle)

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Limited Time Postnatal Rejuvenation Package $899 (U.P$1292)2x🎁


  •  5 x Mum’s Essential Postnatal Massage 90mins (U.P$1680)
  •  2 x Lactation Aid Massage 60mins (U.P$236)
  •  2 x *Slimming Detox Massage 60mins OR 
  •  2 x *Wellness Womb Care Massage 60mins (U.P$216)






Our Mum’s Essential Postnatal(90mins), a comprehensive massage session thoughtfully curated to support mothers during their postpartum journey. This holistic experience encompasses a range of specialized treatments including: 

📌 Lymphatic full body drainage massage

📌 Uterus Lifing Massage

📌 Guasha therapy

📌 Nourishing Tummy Treatment Mask (Jamu/Ginger/Seaweed/Firming)

📌 and the Traditional practice of Bengkung Binding.

Each of these component included in every session is meticulously crafted to address the unique needs of postnatal recovery.

Lymphatic drainage massage targets fluid retention, aiding in the reduction of swelling and promoting detoxification.

At the core of our postnatal massage sessions lies the Essential Uterus Lifting Massage, also known as Womb Care Massage. This specialized technique plays a crucial role in aiding the postpartum recovery process by facilitating the contraction and restoration of the uterus.

Our skilled therapists employ gentle yet effective massage techniques designed to stimulate the uterine muscles, promoting optimal healing and toning of the womb. By encouraging healthy uterine contractions, this massage aids in expelling any remaining placental tissue and promoting the body’s natural detoxification process, particularly crucial in the removal of postpartum discharge known as Lochia.

Furthermore, the Uterus Lifting Massage serves as a catalyst for improved blood circulation in the pelvic region, facilitating the efficient removal of stagnant blood and promoting overall vitality in the reproductive organs. This enhanced circulation not only accelerates the healing process but also helps alleviate discomfort and swelling commonly experienced postpartum.

Gua sha therapy offers gentle yet effective techniques to release tension and stimulate circulation, facilitating the body’s natural healing processes.

Breast Lactation care massage will be carried out during each session of the Mum’s Essential Postnatal Massage. Our skilled therapists meticulously attend to every detail, ensuring that breastfeeding mothers experience a soothing and supportive experience(Pain-less). The massage itself serves as a therapeutic touchpoint, addressing any discomfort and promoting relaxation. But beyond that, it’s a vital opportunity to conduct checks, ensuring that there are no clogged ducts or other potential obstacles that could hinder the breastfeeding journey.

By incorporating this specialized Breast Lactation Care Massage into our sessions, we aim to offer mothers not just a momentary reprieve but a genuine sense of peace of mind. It’s about creating a space where they can feel confident and empowered in their breastfeeding journey, knowing that their well-being is our top priority.

The application of a Tummy treatment mask provides nourishment to the skin while supporting the toning of abdominal muscles.

Finally, Bengkung binding offers hip and pelvic restoration, helping to realign the body and provide support during the postpartum period.

By combining these treatments, Our Mum’s Essential Postnatal aims to restore the body to its pre-pregnancy state, promoting both physical and emotional well-being. From hip and pelvic restoration to body lymphatic massage, this session offers mothers the opportunity to regain their vitality and embrace the joys of motherhood with confidence and comfort.

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