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Our Story

Mama-Founded & Sister-Powered

Empowering Mummies and Women's Self-care

Co-founded by us, a two-sister team with more than 15 years of experience as a professional in the spa and wellness industry.

Our love & passion for holistic massage therapies and the excellent benefits we have seen firsthand as mothers during our challenging times with pregnancy & postpartum have inspired us to create our brand and to reinvent a Personalized and Customized wellness approach.

We wish to help women achieve optimal health and well-being and become your Restoration and Relaxation self-care solutions in the comfort of your home.

We are redefining self-care with holistic massage therapies

No two pregnancies or mothers' bodies or experiences are the same. Through a fully integrated approach, we will provide care that is specific to your needs and nurturing for your body and soul.

Integrating Eastern and Western medicinal beliefs, the latest techniques rooted in years of massage therapy research and experience are combined to deliver top-notch quality massage experiences for all beloved clients.

From prenatal massage therapy to ease pregnancy discomfort caused by hormonal shifts or skeletal changes, to comprehensive postpartum care ranging from essential breast massage therapy (encourages milk production & eliminates engorgement, allows the mother a smooth transition into breastfeeding as a way of life) to the application of traditional Bengkung belly-binding techniques, M. Wellness remains a proud dedication to the empowerment of women through enhancing their health and wellness.

As women, for women.

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