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Helping Clients to restore, recover & rejuvenate in their own homes. 15 years of experience & reinventing massage therapy standards since 2018.


Our Story

Started by a two-sister team (Samantha and Kristine!) with more than 15 years of experience as professionals in the spa and wellness industry, M. Wellness is a homegrown brand founded on the conviction that all women during the most important stage of her life- motherhood (from prenatal to postpartum), should have access to reasonably-priced yet high standards of professional self-care in the form of customized massage therapy.

M. Wellness’ crew of hand-picked and highly-skilled team members are mostly made up of Sam & Kris’ ex-colleagues. More than just comrades who share the same passion and goal to reinvent the local standards of massage therapy, these professional therapists are mothers themselves.


Samantha and Kristine believe that the only way to consistently stay on top of the game is to ensure the uncompromised competency of all their therapists. Which is why it is mandatory for every therapist with M.Wellness to attend skill-advancement and refresher courses regularly.

Integrating Eastern and Western medicinal beliefs, the latest techniques rooted in years of massage therapy research and experience are combined to deliver top-notch quality massage experiences for all beloved clients.

From prenatal massage therapy to ease pregnancy discomfort caused by hormonal shifts or skeletal changes, to comprehensive postpartum care ranging from essential breast massage therapy (encourages milk production & eliminates engorgement, allows the mother a smooth transition into breastfeeding as a way of life) to the application of traditional Bengkung belly-binding techniques, M. Wellness remains a proud dedication to the empowerment of women through enhancing their health and wellness.

As women, for women.

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