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Our Different Services

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Our Key Services




PRIME- Prenatal Massage Treatment

A healthy mother for a healthy baby- this saying guides the principles of our PRIME Prenatal/ Pregnancy Massage Treatment. Highly experienced and professionally trained to understand and handle a pregnant woman’s body*, whichever part of this journey you’re on, PRIME is a tension-busting bodywork treatment designed to relieve the aches of your weight-bearing joints, and to prime your body for the birth of your child.

What to expect:

We use gentle but targeted massage techniques like firm pressure and long kneading strokes only on parts of your body that are 100% safe and comforting for both the mother and baby. This massage is designed to soothe muscle spasms and knots, reduce bodily fluid retention and stabilise hormonal levels by calming the nervous system.

(*after the first trimester, subject to massage approval from your gynecologist)


REGENERATE- Postnatal Massage

Experience a new level of bliss and regeneration with our east-meets-west postnatal massage therapy that will produce long-lasting results*. We combine the traditional techniques of Bengkung binding and the methodology of manual lymphatic drainage in this massage therapy, resulting in deep restoration of a new mother’s body, mind and soul.

What to expect:

Our expertly-done Bengkung binding provides realignment for your pelvis and spinal, facilitates abdominal wall healing and diastasis recti recovery by giving constant support to your hips, ligaments, internal organs and lower back.

At the same time, the specialized postnatal massage component of this therapy will include lymphatic drainage that stimulates blood circulation, reduces wind and water retention, encourages milk supply, and activates your body’s natural ability to flush out toxins.

(*when the recommended sessions of massage therapy attended does not exceed specific intervals and dietary habits are monitored accordingly)

Let's walk this journey together!