LIMITED TIME PROMOTION – Guasha Slimming Detox Massage – 6 Session Package


Our Slimming & Guasha Massage involves invigorating deep tissue kneading, drainage & Guasha brushing techniques that will help on fat reduction, getting rid of cellulite marks, promotes toning & firming on the skin elastin & improving metabolism which will help in expediting the process of weight loss and achieving a healthier body.

  • Recommended for any woman or moms that wish to boost detox for the lymphatic system
  • Suitable for Postpartum Moms
  • Results may vary for individuals


​March Limited-Time Promotion for our Guasha Detox Massage

6 sessions – Guasha Detox Massage for $498 (Usual Price $708)

Duration: 75mins

Include : 

  • ⁠  ⁠Full Body Detox Drainage Massage
  • ⁠  ⁠Targeted Area Guasha Therapy on Back, Arm, Hip, Thigh
  • ⁠  ⁠Detoxifying Blended Essential Massage Oil
  • ⁠  ⁠Disposable bedsheet for every session to cover your bed

-Valid for One Year from the date of purchase.

-These sessions are all home visits. No additional surcharge for transportation except in CBD areas, Sentosa & Tuas areas

Our Guasha Detox Massage involves invigorating deep tissue kneading, drainage, and Guasha brushing techniques that will help reduce fat, get rid of cellulite marks, promote toning and firming of the skin elastin, and improve metabolism, which will help expedite the process of weight loss and achieve a healthier body.

Guasha, a traditional Chinese therapy, offers a range of potential benefits for both physical and mental well-being:

  • ⁠  ⁠Improved circulation: Guasha massage can stimulate blood flow, which may help remove toxins and metabolic waste products from the body. Enhanced circulation can also support the delivery of nutrients to cells, potentially aiding overall metabolic function.
  • ⁠  ⁠Reduction of cellulite: If done regularly, Guasha massage can break down fat deposits and reduce the appearance of cellulite by improving lymphatic drainage and circulation in the targeted areas.
  • ⁠  ⁠Pain relief: Guasha is often used to alleviate various types of pain, including muscle soreness, tension headaches, and chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia. The scraping action helps release muscle tension and may trigger the body’s natural pain-relieving mechanisms.
  • ⁠  ⁠Reduced inflammation: By promoting circulation and lymphatic drainage, Guasha may help reduce inflammation in the body. This can benefit conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, and other inflammatory disorders.
  • ⁠  ⁠Detoxification: Guasha helps release toxins from the body by improving circulation and promoting the elimination of waste products through the lymphatic system.
  • ⁠  ⁠Improved skin health(Face): Guasha may enhance the appearance and health of the skin by promoting circulation and lymphatic drainage. Some people report smoother, clearer skin following Guasha treatments.
  • ⁠  ⁠Enhanced immune function: Guasha may help boost the immune system’s ability to fight infections and illnesses by supporting circulation and lymphatic flow.
  • ⁠  ⁠Emotional balance: Traditional Chinese medicine views Guasha as a therapy that benefits the physical body and helps balance the flow of energy (qi) in the body. This can have positive effects on emotional well-being and mental clarity.


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