LactationAid Therapy


Give your baby the best, by always allowing your body the care it deserves.
Prevention is better than cure when it comes to breastfeeding-related problems, and we are here for one of the most vulnerable and exhausting times of your life.

We recommend LactationAid Therapy to commence weekly or bi-weekly from your 4th-5th postnatal day when milk flow kicks in, before any signs of engorgement happens. A good start to your breastfeeding experience will enable you to enjoy this priceless journey with your baby more joyfully and for as long as you wish.

What to expect:
This is a massage that focuses on decreasing overall tightness and swelling at your breast area, relieving blockages and increasing blood circulation at the same time. A stand-alone session lasts for 60min. Also available as a 30min add-on component to our full REGENERATE Postnatal Massage.



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